Lifestyle And Longevity


Join Dr. Taylor in exploring how we can reclaim our health and longevity in an age of unprecedented challenges.


Can We Reverse the Trend?

“Lifestyle and Longevity” confronts a critical issue of our times: the unexpected decline in life expectancy. This concise 124-page book, drawing from Dr. Taylor’s extensive surgical and medical experience, offers an insightful analysis of the factors influencing longevity. It delves into the impact of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors on major diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia. The book not only addresses these challenges but also provides practical strategies for overcoming them. By incorporating Dr. Taylor’s guidance on diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications, readers can embark on a path toward a healthier, longer life.


Over the past century, life expectancy increased from the mid-forties to the mid-seventies. Now, however, longevity is beginning to decline. Lifestyle and Longevity by surgeon Tom Taylor provides a comprehensive overview for lay readers about the factors influencing longevity, and the strategies that can potentially increase it.
The major killers – heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia – all have causative factors in common that are related to diet, and most interestingly, they share the same foodstuffs. The book addresses the energy intake and dietary considerations that can overcome or delay development of these major diseases.
There is also information on the genetic, environmental, and psychological factors in a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of exercise. With historically unprecedented amounts of leisure time, along with massive technological advancements, people have become more sedentary and are subject to the damaging effects of fast foods. Many of these life-shortening effects did not occur in the past, but they are reversible.

Discover the critical role of diet in preventing major diseases and extending lifespan through insightful, research-backed guidance.

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