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Dr. Taylor is recognised for his work in surgical research, development of minimally invasive surgical procedures, and contributions to the treatment of obesity.

Dr Tom Taylor

I was born in Preston, England, and grew up in Longridge, playing cricket for the village team. I attended a Jesuit grammar school in Preston, where I was awarded the A-level physics prize and achieved an A+ in A-level maths. My journey in medicine began at medical schools in Edinburgh and Manchester, a journey marked by personal loss when my father passed away while I was a student.
I trained as a surgeon at esteemed institutions like the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, the Royal Post Graduate Medical School, London, and the Manchester Royal Infirmary. My career further evolved as I became a senior lecturer in surgery at the University of Edinburgh and later a consultant surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.
Throughout my career and beyond, I have been actively involved in surgical research. Winning the Moynihan Prize for my research on the treatment of oesophageal varices, a complication of liver disease, was a highlight. I was also honored with the James IV traveling fellowship, which allowed me to visit multiple centers across the United States.

However, the medical landscape shifted when helicobacter pylori was identified as the cause of duodenal ulcers, leading to a decline in the need for vagotomies.

Adapting to these changes, I then specialized in the treatment of obesity. I developed a free-floating intragastric balloon in the late 1980s for weight loss and have performed over 1000 gastric bypass procedures for morbid obesity. My academic contributions include 12 books, over 100 scientific papers, and 10 United States patents based on surgical devices.

My recent books, aimed at the layperson, include “Overcoming Obesity,” “Working With Weight,” “Lifestyle and Longevity,” and the latest, “Honoring Holistic Health Habits – Down to Dealing with Deadly Diets.” These books, with their alliterative titles, cover optimal diets, lifestyle management, and strategies to avoid obesity and its complications.
Outside of my professional life, I have diverse interests including choral singing, steam locomotives, cricket, soccer, and baseball.

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