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Welcome to the library of Dr. Tom Taylor, where each book is a gateway to understanding the complex world of health and well-being.

In this collection, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge, from the intricacies of combating obesity to the nuances of longevity and lifestyle management.

Dr. Taylor’s Writings Are Not Just Informative; They Are A Call To Action.
They address the urgent health risks of our times, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, all exacerbated by modern dietary habits​​. “Working with Weight: Overcoming Obesity” delves into the causes and treatments of weight gain, exploring the psychological, physical, and socioeconomic dimensions of this global challenge​​. “Lifestyle and Longevity” provides a comprehensive overview of factors influencing longevity, offering insights into how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices interplay with our health​​. And in “Overcoming Obesity,” Dr. Taylor comprehensively explores the causes and treatments of obesity, a pressing issue of our time​​.

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Each book here is not just a read; it’s an experience in understanding and a step towards healthier living.
Advances In Overcoming Obesity

Is There a Future for Bariatric Surgery?

Honoring Holistic Health Habits

Discusses the major killer health risks in today's society

Lifestyle And Longevity

Understanding The Decline In Modern Longevity

Working With Weight

How Can We Overcome This Weighty Challenge?

Dr. Tom Taylor is a renowned surgeon and medical innovator, known for his contributions to surgical techniques and obesity treatment.


Dr. Tom Taylor

My journey in medicine began at medical schools in Edinburgh and Manchester, a journey marked by personal loss when my father passed away while I was a student..


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Invaluable Resource
"As a healthcare professional, I found 'Advances in Overcoming Obesity' to be an invaluable resource. It offers a balanced view of bariatric surgery, essential for anyone in the field of weight management."
Dr. Mark S
Advances in Overcoming Obesity
A Hidden Gem
“Dr. Taylor's book is a hidden gem in the realm of health and wellness literature. His holistic approach to dealing with everyday health challenges is not only innovative but also deeply compassionate. This book is a beacon of hope and guidance."
Sarah L
Honoring Holistic Health Habits
Exceptional Guide
"Working with Weight: Overcoming Obesity’ is an exceptional guide that combines medical knowledge with a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of weight management. Dr. Taylor’s book is both a source of information and inspiration"
Rachel G
Working With Weight
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